The Importance of Online Reviews

Every company needs an outside view. You can communicate customer satisfaction with a purchase through an email. But more often you are going to identify the purchase experience through online reviews. And you should be prepared that other buyers will read them as well. Online reviews have become very popular among buyers. According to recent studies: 91% of customers occasionally read online reviews 84% of customers believe them as personal recommendations 68% of customers form an opinion about your e-shop after reading 1-6 reviews Receiving public reviews can make you feel uncomfortable but you need them. Here's why online reviews are crucial

Positive Customer Service Communication

Communication with customers is a cornerstone of every successful business. Every situation requires different actions, but you should always keep in mind that the thing you want to achieve is a satisfied customer. You have several ways to make your customer more relaxed and pleased - by providing great return policy, offering discounts or free gifts with a purchase. However, one thing is clear – when you communicate with your customers politely and in a friendly way you will win their hearts. By words you can create a strong relationship with them, get their loyalty and make them come back. Sometimes it is

The Perfect Return Policy

Even though the online shopping is becoming more popular, customers still feel the risk of returning goods. 2/3 of buyers read terms and conditions before confirming the order. The terms and conditions should be a simple document that is easy for your customer to understand. According to many studies, a good customer aftercare service is a reason why a customer returns to an e-shop. Creating an effective return policy increases revenue and attracts more customers. Here are some tips that make returns perfect. Don’t hide your return policy. Display the "how to return goods" link on the main menu so your

How to Write Message Templates which Don’t Make You Sound Like a Robot

More than 70% of customers prefer email communication while buying things online. If they don't get a quick response, they will switch to another e-shop. It is almost impossible to write manually to every customer. You have to think about every single email and it is also risky – you may easily forget something or you're going to make a typo. For an effective email communication - message templates are important. A confirmation email about receiving customer's order is a great example where you can use the automatic sending of your message templates. You can also use automated emails if you want

5 Reasons Why Customer Feedback Matters

Customer feedback is a guide on how to improve your business. It can help you increase your sales and you'll be able to address the customer's needs. If a customer provides feedback, it means that he is willing to spend some time to give you a tip how you can improve, which is a sign that he has a relationship with your e-shop. Decisions on innovations based on customer's tips often mean success for both sides. Customer feedback helps to improve your services and products. The rating gives you an outside opinion. Retailers often deal with trifles that do not matter to

Pavlína Louženská: Customer aftercare service as a key to success.

It is not easy to stand out from a crowd of competitors, especially when you consider how big the eCommerce market is. A key is to concentrate on the customer needs and provide them a perfect sales and aftercare service. According to Pavlína Louženská from 2FRESH (also an ex-CMO at ZOOT), great aftercare will soon be a standard to keep your business running. Pavlína was interviewed by the founder of Retino, Petr Boroš. ○ What are the key success factors of online shops today? A personal communication has always been an advantage of smaller players. Amazon will always provide better automated

The Importance of Effective Communication with Consumers

Communication in the return process starts when you write your terms and conditions. If they are simple and do not discourage your customers, the customers are likely to continue shopping. As a result you can establish a deeper relationship with them. Good communication is the key to retaining your customers. When a customer chooses to return a product he needs to reconnect with their e-shop.  An effective communication process with the customer at this stage of purchase is important to reduce uncertainty and maintain loyalty to your e-shop. 52% of customers are likely to go somewhere else to get their products

Why a Good Return Policy Is Important For Retailers

For 91% of customers, a return process is an important factor when making a decision about future purchases. If the process is difficult for them, they won’t return back.  The risk of shopping via the internet is that a customer can’t touch the product and may have to return it. The return process is an unpleasant thing, and if the process is problematic, the customer might think of purchasing goods at some other retailer. On the other hand, if the customer is satisfied with the process, for example, he is reimbursed for returning postage charges, he will spend from 158% to