We have run online stores. We know the hassle.
How does Retino help?

Automate return process

Our app will do the routine tasks for you. Automate your communication, shipping, refunds and more.
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Increase customer satisfaction

Customers consistently give our service 100% customer satisfaction ratings, which makes them more loyal to you.
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Get insights

What cannot be measured, cannot be improved. Monitor your ticket flow, return reasons, satisfaction and more.
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Retino will automatically track your deadlines and give you in-time notifications so that you can prioritize.

Protect from fraud

Quickly recognize customers that want to misuse your service and alter your behavior towards them.

Be fully compliant

Retino will automatically create valid warranty claim protocols and other legal requirements.

"From 2 hours of work a day to 30 minutes thanks to Retino automation.“
— Lubor Nosek, OdKarla.cz
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"You will find out about problems you had no idea even existed."
— Petr Kuneš, Nakup-nabytek.cz
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"Out of nearly 5000 reviews, we have obtained only 40 negative ones."
— Zoltán Korcsmáros, Topgal.sk
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Works great with your store

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