You lose customers every day
due to inefficient return processing

E-commerce customer satisfied with the return process spends 4× more.
It's time to perfect your returns.

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Did you know? ⅔ of customers care about how you handle returns and review your policy prior to purchase.

All in one place

End juggling with emails and spreadsheets.

All your returns and claims are managed in one place, including communication with the customer and logistics. We will monitor quality of service and prepare smart reports for your managerial reviews.

Process automation

Repeated routine tasks are automated easily. Save up to 60% of your time.

Global markets

Retino speaks 10 languages and is ready for global scale business.


We'll see that you comply with local regulations about returns and claims.

Insight into your returns

If you can't measure it, you can't perfect it.

We have a smart analytical system under hood. Measure response time, resolution time, customer satisfaction, product and customer metrics. Drill stats by time period, people and return types. Automatic reporting will give you first-hand insight into your business.

„Thanks to Retino, we now have detailed insight into our claims. Our goal is to improve the customer satisfaction and this is for sure one of the ways.“

Miroslav Stufka, director

Secure platform

Our app is secured under top tier standards. We pass a regular security audit.

Logistics BETA

Order reverse logistics with a single click. Available in selected countries.

10 languages

Retino speaks with your customers in 10 languages.

Measure process

Get insight into how your return policy is executed.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a credit card for registration?

No. We will let you test our solution for free. Credit card is not needed.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You can cancel anytime and we will no longer charge you. We provide no refunds.

Do you have a SLA?

Historic availability of Retino reaches over 99,5%. We offer SLA for enterprise-level customers.

What about security?

We are secure under top tier standards. We pass regular audits. Our service complies with GDPR.

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